Monday, February 20, 2006

New 3 DOF fully articulated leg

This is my initial plan for the biped section of my new android. The construction of the real thing looks strikingly similar to my original idea.

I was thinking about using standard off the shelf parts like easily accessible gearmotors and boxes so the robot could be constructed easily cheaply and quickly.

The robot assembly has 3 degrees of freedom in each leg which means it can perform similar movements to a human leg.

Each joint uses a Como Drill 810:1 ratio motor for maximum torque for at low weight. The motors are coupled to potentiometers giving positional feedback. The whole thing is controlled by a Picaxe microcontroller run as a servocontroller.

Im planning to create a 3D computer model of the robot using the Direct X API so when I write the rest of the control software the robot will have a spatial model of itself. I plan to use Denavit Hartenburg 3Dimensional coordinates do the robot will know exactly (by measurement) where all of its joints are at any given time. See below


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