Sunday, October 29, 2006

Data Recovered

I wrote a vision system making use of the VFW system to capture live images in windows before I learned to program Direct X. The hard disk the data was on decided to lose its FAT so I lost all my data. I had to leave my computer on for three days to recover all teh stuff on the broken hard disk but I got the bits I wanted back!

Here is a screenshot of the basic version 2 vision system just doing basic image processing. Im going to expand the basic engine to include Neural nets for face and object detection. I also intend to whack in some program code to deal with stereoscopic vision and also 2d to 3d conversion in the style of David Marr.

I also intend to add in the functionality to ascertain the colour of an given pixel so the name of the colour can be reported back. Ive got an algorithm that tells you the name of the closest colour match i.e. "dark blue" to any given RGB value. The table has over 700 colour definitions in it. Its has so many colour names that I had to resort to using excel to write the C program code for me!


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