Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Current Status

Ive been very busy recently! Ive let my projects slip a bit. Still thats not such a bad thing, Since my last blog Ive learned PIC Assembly langauge, Network Programming and the basics of Direct X 9.0 programming for C++. I already knew assembly language but didnt use it on my projects bacause it was so much cheaper and easier to use Picaxe Chips instead. Thats probably going to change because soon I will be ditching RS232 and using USB as the communication system for most of my projects.

Anyway I digress.. my Android project is back on and running at full steam! Whilst Im waiting for my electronic systems to be made for me im going to have another look at robot vision. This time Im going to go the whole hog and do it full colour stereoscopic. Ive seen program code for acquiring images with two Webcams simultaneously but im not sure If I want to do it that way at all. I waiting for two colour analogue cameras and I think I'll do a bit of hardware multiplexing with that..

Until then watch this space...


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