Sunday, November 12, 2006

Neural Networks

As well as working on my android I am also developing a general purpose vision system in my spare time. I wanted it to recognise objects by the way they look. I intend to use this mechanism in my robot for determining who people are by looking at thier faces.

I decided that I would try a nueral network just as an excersise to see how well suited neural networks are to recognising visual objects. I can tell you - they are pretty impressive!

I trained this network to recognise the numbers 0-9 visually by looking at the content of some bitmap files. All the bitmaps were the same size 80x60 pixels so I needed to give the network to have 4800 inputs and 10 outputs (one for each number). After a few nights of messing around with learning coefficients and training epochs I got the network to generate a really good set of outputs. I am seriously considering not programming my robot to walk and letting a neural net do the work for me.

Neural networks can do amazing things if you have the patience to sit there and train them!